Athletics & Chiropractic

If you're an athlete, your body's health is key to your achievements.  Therefore, optimal health should be your first goal if athletic achievement is your ultimate goal.  Chiropractic is focused on assisting you achieve the first goal so that you have the physical ability to achieve the second goal.

Chiropractic was founded upon the premise that your body has the ability to heal itself. 


To accomplish natural healing, certain factors must be in play:

  • Circulation

Your body can only heal itself when nutrients are being supplied to its tissue and when toxins are being actively removed.  Good circulation is at the heart of this process.  Chiropractic strongly believes that Therapeutic Massage is necessary for restoring and maintaining health.


  •  Diet

Nutrition is part of every athlete's program.  Often, however, athletes focus on the proper balance of carbs and protein and neglect a program that provides natural vitamins and minerals and avoids toxins.  A natural diet that infuses the body with nature's own healing power while minimizing harmful toxins is a necessity when seeking optimal athletic performance.


  • Sleep

A good night's sleep is an often underrated contributor to overall health and performance.  Sleep is when your body heals itself following training.  Without enough sleep, your body is unable to repair even basic damage.  When training, sleep is even more important.


  • Environment

EPA reports suggest that the most polluted environment you'll enter is that of the home.  Construction materials, household cleaners, landscaping supplies and other items introduce a myriad of toxins into your home, toxins that interfere with a proper biochemical balance, inhibit optimal health, and affect athletic performance.  Removing toxins from your home is one of the first steps in taking your performance up a notch.


  • Water

Proper hydration is a must for athletes.  But your water must be pure.  Is your water pure or laced with impurities?  It can mean the different between good performance and great performance!


  • Proper Spinal Alignment

Chiropractic is known for its attention to spinal health.  Lumbar Stabilization is the strengthening and stretching of the back muscles that support the spine and spinal alignment is the Chiropractic method of keeping the series of small bones, cartilage, and nerve roots that is your spine in great working order so your body can perform at its peak.


  • Pain Relief

In addition to the restoration and maintenance of health, Chiropractic treats pain naturally.  Rather than focus on drugs, which mask pain but don't remove the cause of pain, Chiropractic uses natural means to both relieve pain and correct the cause of pain.

Methods of pain relief include Electrotherapy, Decompression Traction System, Lumbar Stabilization,  Thermal Therapy, and Therapeutic Massage.

Chiropractic care provides drug-free treatments through these and other modalities that encourage the body to heal itself and provide its own pain relief.

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